Vintage Fencing Masks

Do it yourself lighting with vintage fencing masks is easy. Finally, a DIY project that doesn’t leave you with regrets. We’ve all been there. How hard could it be. Little did we know how much easier it would have been to call in a professional. After all, that’s what they do. They’ve done it before so they know all the pitfalls. They have all the right tools, all the right parts and all the right time to do it. But we forge ahead to do it on our own because it looks easy.

Vintage Fencing Masks

I have tried to do many projects that appear to be easy. Hang a light, hang wallpaper, or even hang a mirror. But somehow, things never go according to plan. The light fixture has two wires but the ceiling has four wires. The wallpaper goes on the wall but doesn’t stay on the wall. And the mirror ends up being much heavier than I expected. Where’s the stud and where’s my molly bolt. Halfway through I always realize that this is going to take much longer than I planned. Let me change that appointment as I’m not going to make it. It usually works out in the end but it’s never easy. A sore finger, back or head often goes along with the finished product. Generally there’s a feeling of self accomplishment that makes the pain go away. And of course, there’s look at what I did for family and friends to admire. But this time it’s going to be easier. Get an old lamp, remove the shade and replace it with one of these vintage fencing masks. It’s that easy. Turn it on, sit back and relax. But never tell them it was easy.

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vintage fencing masks
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