Vintage French Bakers Cabinet

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Have you ever wanted to live in a French Chateau?

Well if you don’t have the chance, here’s the next best thing.

This bakers cabinet is built using vintage glass doors that were salvaged from a French Chateau. So if you want the look and feel of living in a Chateau in France, this bakers cabinet is for you. Made from solid pine with a white wash finish, the base and frame of this cabinet are new and made to look old. But the double doors are vintage with hand blown glass that still has the bubbles to prove it and vintage hardware to match. Once used in grand French Chateaus, the doors are all that remain of the original cabinet, but they have been brought back to life in this beautiful French Bakers Cabinet.

So next time you think about planning a trip to France, get the next best thing with a vintage door bakers cabinet.

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If you always wanted to live in a French Chateau

Here’s the next best thing

A French bakers cabinet

Made with vintage glass doors

And vintage hardware

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