Vintage French Bakers Print

Time to make the donuts for this Vintage French Bakers Print. We’ve come a long way from using coal fired ovens like these bakers. But I do like my Dunkin’ Donuts. You can’t beat an apple crumb donut with a hot cup of coffee. As you can see from this print these bakers are hard at work using their four scoops, rolling pins, flour mills and my favorite the baker’s peel. A large flat paddle made of either wood or metal that’s used to slide the loaves of bread in and out of the oven. Perfect for making pizza too.

Vintage French Bakers Print

So if you like to bake and are considering it as a professional occupation, here are a few small known facts. According to the United States Department of Labor Statistics there are approximately 185,300 bakers in the United States. Their median pay is just $23,600 per year or about $11.35 an hour. About 28 percent of those bakers work in stand alone bakeries, 26 percent work in grocery stores, 15 percent in restaurants and only 5 percent are self employed. Obviously going it on your own is a little harder but probably more rewarding. Or you could choose to work in an old fashioned bakery like these vintage chaps. I can almost smell the bread baking now.

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Vintage French Bakers Print
I can almost smell the bread baking now



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