Vintage French Bistro Chairs

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Set the table with your best china.

But don’t forget the chairs.

Forks on the left and knives on the right. Setting a table with your favorite dinnerware is a great way to welcome guests. But what’s really more important are the chairs. Family and friends will enjoy the food but if the chairs aren’t comfortable, no one is staying for coffee and dessert.

Inspired by vintage French bistro chairs, these chairs will add industrial style to your space and your dinner party. Made of solid metal with sleek curved arms, guests will hang out in these bistro chairs long after the party is over. So next time you set the table for that special occasion, don’t forget the chairs that everyone will be sitting in.

Now pull up a chair and drink up some vintage industrial style.

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Set the table

With your best china

Cool table

Cool chairs

Get comfortable!

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