Vintage Funnel Pendant Lighting

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It’s raining vintage funnel pendants.

Create your own indoor waterfall with these vintage glass funnels. Made from real vintage chemistry funnels, these pendant lights are hung to create a unique display of light. Now this might be a little too much light over the coffee table but these vintage pendants definitely get the wow factor.

Hang one or two pendants over the desk in the den, the bar counter in the kitchen or go over board with 50 vintage lights grouped together at different heights. Perfect for a high ceiling or commercial space, these pendants will grab the attention of friends or patrons. If you’re looking to add vintage style to your space, experiment with vintage artifacts like these glass funnels and create a one of a kind look. These vintage lights will certainly be the focal point of the room and not easily forgotten.

Now let’s go to dinner at that restaurant with the cool vintage funnel lights.

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It’s raining funnels

Create your own waterfall

In the living room

With vintage pendant lights

Let it rain

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