Vintage Galvanized Metal Buckets

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What’s on your bucket list?

It’s not actually one of my life goals, but I always wanted to do something with those vintage buckets in the garage.

Once used to wash the family pet, these vintage buckets can usually be found buried deep in the basement or in the back of the garage. Made from galvanized metal that’s been infused with zinc, these vintage buckets have resisted rust and corrosion for nearly half a century. Turn these buckets upside down and they can easily repurpose into a coffee table. But get a little more creative and add a tufted fabric cushion and these buckets make one of a kind seating for any room in the home. Use just one bucket or line a wall with them. Either way, these galvanized metal buckets will bring vintage style to your space.

That’s one more off my bucket list!

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Vintage wash buckets?

Or comfortable seating

Made from galvanized metal

No rust here

What’s on your bucket list?

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