Vintage Galvanized Steel Containers and Coffee Table

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What would Luigi Galvani think?

I think he would be proud to see that these galvanized steel containers have withstood the test of time. Still in tact, these vintage industrial containers look as good as the day they were made. They have braved the elements and thanks to their galvanized coating, they have braved the rust too. As much as I like my rust, I like the look of theseĀ vintage galvanized containers.

Galvanization is the process of applying a protective coating to a metal surface and it was appropriately named after the scientist Luigi Galvani. I think he was Italian šŸ™‚ Anyway, galvanization uses zinc as the protective coating to the surface of steel or iron as it resists corrosion, better known as rust. Galvanized containers and furniture products were very popular during the Industrial Revolution as they were built tough and lasted a long time. They worked in our factories and knew how to put in an 8 hour day and then some.

Today, we appreciateĀ  the strength of vintage industrial furniture and the galvanized steel they were built with. Now we have galvanized steel end tables, coffee tables and even dining tables. They’re built strong and can handle the toughest of families. So go industrial and get galvanized!

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Vintage industrial containers

Made from galvanized steel

And still in good shape

Well, almost!

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