Vintage Glass Bottles

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Sea glass or vintage glass bottles?

These vintage glass bottles escaped breakage for many years and the soft currents of the high seas. Years ago, you could walk along the beach and you were sure to find at least a few pieces of colored sea glass. Vintage glass is more rare today and most commercial bottles are manufactured in clear glass. And now we avoid littering and work to recycle glass and other natural products wherever possible. If you’re lucky enough to find vintage glass bottles they can make a great accent to vintage industrial design. Place these bottles on table tops or display them together on a large bookcase. Either way, the mix of different colors in these bottles will add vintage charm and warmth to your space.

So next time you walk along the beach, keep looking down and maybe you’ll find a vintage glass bottle.

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No sea glass here

Just vintage glass bottles

Green glass

Brown glass

And clear glass

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