Vintage Glass Candy Jars

It all started with these vintage glass candy jars filled with sweet candy corn and other favorite orange candies. Who is to blame for this nation wide addiction to sweet candy. It goes as far back as the 4th century BC when the Persians discovered the sugarcane fields of India. Pieces of sugar were produced by boiling sugarcane juice in ancient India. The rest is history. We’ve gone from boiling sugarcanes into rock candy to more flavors, sizes and colors of candy than I can even count. The checkout counters in any retail store are filled with assortments of candy and we even celebrate national holidays with different candy. Easter is jelly beans, Christmas is green and red M&M’s and Halloween is orange candy corn. You name the occasion and there’s a candy for it. But it wasn’t always that way.

Vintage Glass Candy Jars

Before the Industrial Revolution, candy was considered a form of medicine that was used to calm the digestive system or to cool a sore throat. In the Middle Ages candy was a combination of sugar and spices that were used by the wealthy after dinner to aid in digestion. After all, digestion was a big problem back then. They ate a lot and the food was often not fresh and certainly not well balanced. It was meat, meat and more meat. So the host would typically serve candy to guests after dinner. It was often made with cloves, ginger, berries and pine kernels dipped in melted sugar. A far cry from Reese’s Pieces. It wasn’t until the 18th century that candy made it’s way to America. It was predominantly rock candy, made from crystallized sugar, and was considered a luxury that only the wealthy could afford. If they only knew what they had started.

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vintage glass candy jars
Vintage glass candy jars



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