Vintage Glass Crystal Chandelier

Sometimes you just need a little bling and this vintage glass crystal chandelier brings it on. This over sized chandelier comes fully equipped with more glass crystals than we can count. We could hang this chandelier over the formal dining table or in the grand foyer. But first a lesson in cut glass crystals.

Vintage Glass Crystal Chandelier

Glass has been used by civilization for more than 3,500 years and can take many forms. You don’t have to look past the four walls of your own home to see the vast variety of ways that glass serves our everyday needs. Glass can be made opaque, transparent, colored, durable or fragile. It can be molded, blown, cut, engraved or painted. This chandelier is made with cut glass crystals and wrapped with tiny shaped glass beads. So let’s focus on the process of cutting glass. Cut glass is decorated by hand through the use of rotating wheels. Cuts are made by artisans holding and moving the glass against different sized metal or stone wheels to produce a predetermined pattern. The artist follows the pattern by pushing the glass down against the wheel. He cannot see the contact between the wheel and the glass so he listens to the sound of the wheel and feel of the glass in his hand to determine the depth of the cut. Various size wheels are used to make the many different sized cuts required to complete the overall design. It doesn’t sound easy and that’s why we like this cut glass crystal chandelier. Loaded with more glass crystals and beads than we can count. This chandelier is total bling.

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A little bling



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