Vintage Glass Crystal Chandelier

Light up your vintage rickshaw with a glass crystal chandelier.

I wouldn’t normally hang a vintage rickshaw upside down and light it with a crystal chandelier. But somehow it works. Rickshaws were made for pulling passengers but this rickshaw likes retirement better and has decided to just hang around the house. Why hang a single chandelier from the ceiling when you can wow family and friends with a one of a kind lighting display. Vintage industrial design lets you stand out from the crowd. Do the unexpected and make your home one to be remembered. This vintage chandelier would look nice hanging alone over the dining room table or in a grand foyer. But couple it with this vintage find and your room will not be soon forgotten. Beautiful hand cut glass crystals and the craftsmanship of a vintage rickshaw make this the focal point of your room.

It’s 5pm do you know where your rickshaw is.

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Vintage rickshaw

And a crystal chandelier

Somehow it works

Perfect together

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