Vintage Glass Medicine Bottles

A look inside your medicine cabinet or a display of vintage glass medicine bottles. A medicine cabinet is a common staple for most American bathrooms. Mounted on the wall with a mirrored door that hides some of our more personal items. But on the outside no one would know what you were hiding inside. Just a flat glass mirror that holds our reflection for at least while we stand in front of it. You can tell a lot from what’s inside a person’s medicine cabinet. So it surprises me that they don’t come with a key or combination lock.

Vintage Glass Medicine Bottles

Let’s admit that we are all tempted to open a friend or family member’s medicine cabinet. Attend a party, have to use the bathroom and there it is. Staring us right in the face. Wash the hands and we just have to reach for the door. Powder room cabinets are usually boring. Some breath mints, hand cream and bandaids. But if you’re lucky, the guest bath is occupied and you have to use the upstairs bathroom. Jackpot. Unfortunately, they’re never organized like these vintage medicine bottles. And if you’re not careful you might start an avalanche of bottles and pills as you invade their privacy. But it’s harmless right? The trick to maintaining a safe and clean medicine cabinet is to perform a purge at least once a year. Even then I’m surprised as to what I find. Items that were used once and didn’t work or others that have long expired. As for me, you would probably find some Tums, aspirin and a few other sundry items. Unfortunately, I can’t fill my cabinet with these cool vintage glass bottles. That would surely give them something to talk about. Did you see what’s in his medicine cabinet!

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vintage glass medicine bottles
Medicine cabinet?



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