Vintage Glass Seltzer Bottles

New Year’s Eve is over and so are these empty seltzer bottles.

Many people think that bottled water is a new thing but bottled seltzer has been around for years. So long that these old seltzer bottles are now considered vintage. Years ago, it was mostly bars and commercial restaurants that provided the bubbly seltzer water for your drinks. Not many people drank seltzer water at home and now it has become a common staple for the refrigerator. But it’s just not the same drinking seltzer water from a plastic container. These glass seltzer bottles are thick and heavy they could take the frequent use of a commercial establishment. In fact, seltzer bottles were shipped in wood crates like these and this many bottles could easily be used up in one week. It’s nice to carry around a little bottle of seltzer in your purse or backpack but I still like the seltzer from a large heavy glass bottle better.


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New Year’s Eve is over

And these vintage glass bottles

Are empty

Until next year 🙂

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