Vintage Glass Seltzer Bottles

It was a fun party and we have the empty vintage glass seltzer bottles to prove it. As you can see it was a big party with empty bottles as far as the eye can see. Unfortunately, real seltzer bottles are becoming an endangered species. Now you can purchase seltzer in a plastic bottle at any local grocery store. And with a twist of a cap the bubbles start to flow. But not so easy years ago. The bottles were pressurized with water and squeezing the metal handle created the best effervescent water. It was the standard for mixing up a cocktail with hard liquor.

Vintage Glass Seltzer Bottles

There were a lot of bottles at the party and a lot of seltzer. But they also went hand in hand with a lot of New Year’s resolutions. The more empty bottles, the more resolutions. By the end of the night everyone had at least a few resolutions. I wonder how many will be kept. Here are just a few statistics. The top five resolutions in order of popularity are to lose weight, eat healthier, make better financial decisions, quit smoking, spend more time with family and friends, do more good deeds for others, find the love of their life and find a better job. Well, I know there’s at least one resolution I don’t have to worry about. A few more facts. Only 40 percent of Americans make new year’s resolutions and only 10 percent felt they were successful in achieving them. Not a good result. But there’s still hope. Those who explicitly make resolutions are 10 times for likely to attain their goals than those people who don’t make resolutions. So what’s your resolution?

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vintage glass seltzer bottles
The party’s over



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