Vintage Glass Seltzer Bottles

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Break out the bubbly.

It’s time to ring in the New Year with vintage glass seltzer bottles.

Vintage seltzer bottles were made with thick colored glass and industrial grade tops and used to make drinks in your favorite pub or restaurant. But today, old seltzer bottles can be used as accents to add real vintage charm to your room. And just in case you wanted to know how to work a seltzer bottle, here’s a quick lesson.

Seltzer 101. Add cold water to the seltzer bottle but leave some room at the top. Assemble the tube, rubber seal and head and insert a CO2 charger securely into the port which is is in the metal head. The port has a hollow pin that pierces the charger and lets the gas into the bottle. Once the sound of gas is heard, shake the bottle and then leave to rest for a few seconds. Pull the trigger and out comes the bubbly.

So here’s to a New Year and don’t forget the seltzer bottle!

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It’s that time again

To break out the bubbly

With vintage glass seltzer bottles

Happy New Year!

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