Vintage Gym Locker and Industrial Stool

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Wire cage or vintage gym locker?

If this is a cage, lock me up now and throw away the key. So what if I’m obsessed with gym lockers!

It’s rare to find a vintage metal locker made with all wire mesh. Once used in those not so nice smelling locker rooms, the wire mesh on this gym locker allows for plenty of air ventilation. And we know how important that can be with gym clothes. But now you can use this vintage locker in your bedroom to hang clothes or in the den to display your favorite collection. Either way this locker will look great.

And don’t forget this vintage industrial stool. I can see the gym coach now taking a swivel on this stool. Made of solid metal and wood, this vintage stool can adjust every which way. Up, down, incline or not, this stool is easy to relax in. They just don’t make them like this any more. So get comfortable in your vintage stool and think back on the good old days of gym class.

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Vintage gym locker

With wire mesh

And rusted metal

Vintage industrial stool

Made with solid metal

And wood

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