Vintage Horse Race Painting

We can’t get to the races right now so this vintage horse race painting will have to be the next best thing. Working from home doesn’t have to be boring. Many of us are working from home either full or part time. It can make life a lot easier but it also takes a lot of discipline. That’s why we recommend making your work space your own. Furnish and decorate it so that you want to stay and work in it. Eliminate the temptation to snack in the kitchen or watch your favorite TV show. Make it appealing so that you want to stay in your home office and work. Surround yourself with some of your favorite things like this vintage horse racing painting.  

Vintage Horse Race Painting

Aarau is known for the most beautiful horse racing turf in all of Switzerland. Located on the Swiss plateau in the Valley of the Aare, Aarau is a beautiful old historic town. Unlike other small quaint Swiss towns, Aarau played an important role in the development of Switzerland. It is a German speaking town that was declared the first seat of the Helvetic government. Not bad for a small town. But it has also been home to horse racing since 1921. The first permanent turf course was built back in 1947 and has drawn huge crowds of horse racing fans ever since. This over sized painting is perfect for any horse racing fan. It’s painted on a metal canvas constructed from old tin roofs. Pieced together with screws and bolts this is no light weight painting. The distressed metal with nail holes and imperfections only add to the rich hues of yellow, green and brown. Just what you need to get the job done.

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vintage horse race painting
When you can’t get to the races



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