Vintage Human Anatomy Diagram

They say beauty is only skin deep and to look beyond the surface but I don’t like what I see on this vintage human anatomy diagram. Is this really what we look like on the inside? I may have to rethink that quote. This diagram of the human anatomy, specifically the digestive system, is vintage but I’m sure nothing has changed in the last one hundred years. I guarantee that some things stay the same. This chart once graced the walls of a medical school or actual doctor’s office. But now it could serve as a work of art on a wall in your home. It doesn’t even need framing. It speaks for itself.

Vintage Human Anatomy Diagram

Let’s take a run through this diagram and maybe we might learn a thing or two about digestion. The human digestive system consists of the gastrointestinal tract plus accessory organs that help with the digestive process. As you could have guessed it all starts with the mouth and I think we all know where it ends. Some things you don’t need a degree in science to figure out. Food is chewed in the mouth and swallowed down the esophagus and into the stomach. Here it is mixed with a number of enzymes produced by the pancreas. It is then passed to the small intestine where it is broken down further and eventually it goes to the large intestine. Surprisingly, the overall length of this process or tract is about nine feet. You would never know that from this chart. As much as I like this vintage diagram I think i would like to go back to just skin deep. Call me superficial but it’s a lot easier on the stomach.

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vintage human anatomy diagram
Beauty is only skin deep?



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