Vintage Industrial Antler Chandelier

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Make your own library.

No need for a builder. Get some bookcases, load them up with vintage leather books and hang an antler chandelier to create your own library with old world charm.

Nothing says library more than wall to wall bookcases filled with vintage books. But what always makes the space is the lighting. Made from real antlers, this chandelier is surely one of a kind. Did you know that deer antlers are shed once a year. And in warmer tropical climates, it could be more than once a year. Each time a male deer sheds it’s antlers, they grow back stronger and larger. So no animals were injured in the making of this light.

Now add some personal style to your space with vintage industrial lighting and an antler chandelier.

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Make your own library

With bookcases

An antler chandelier

And plenty of vintage books

Got moose?

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