Vintage Industrial Artwork

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Do you suffer from tennis elbow?

If so, maybe it’s time to hang up the racquet.

In fact, hang all of your vintage tennis racquets and create your own unique artwork. Vintage industrial design let’s you break all the rules and personalize your space to reflect your own personality. If you like baseball mitts, hockey sticks or vintage rowing oars, hang them on the wall to enjoy every day. Whatever your passion, celebrate it and make your own artwork. Just like these vintage racquets hung in an overlapping circle around tennis balls, this artwork is the focal point for this wall and a real conversation piece at the same time. And isn’t that what artwork is supposed to do?

Now get hanging!

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If you gave up playing tennis

Don’t throw out those vintage racquets

Hang them on the wall instead

To create your own artwork

And don’t forget the balls!

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