Vintage Industrial Bar Stool

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The little stool that could.

Just like the little engine that could, this stool can too.

This vintage industrial stool may look small but it packs a strong punch. Even next to this big wood table, this vintage stool can hold it’s own. Sometimes it’s good to mix small with big and this little stool works just fine with this over sized industrial table. Vintage stools have a unique look that gives them their own personality. This stool has a big seat but the wood back rest is small giving just the right amount of needed support. After all, this vintage stool was meant to work and there was no rest for the weary. Resting in an industrial work stool was not a requirement. Instead, the metal base and wood seat were built strong a long hard days work. So don’t judge a book by it’s cover because sometimes little stools can work hard too. I think I can, I think I can, I knew I could!

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Big industrial table

Little work stool

With vintage style

And a little back

Get working!

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