Vintage Industrial Black Pendant

This vintage industrial black pendant is built with gladiator strength and is up for the challenge. It may look like it’s resting but don’t be fooled. This pendant is ready to perform in any space you hang it. Not surprising, this warehouse pendant finds itself among friends. Sitting on a solid oak workbench along side steel welded Gladiator storage cabinets, this vintage pendant feel right at home. It may look good in this garage but it looks forward to shedding light and adding industrial style to your kitchen, dining room or just about anywhere you choose. Hang two or three pendants over the kitchen island or dining table. The more pendants you hang, the more industrial style you get.

Vintage Industrial Black Pendant

It’s no surprise that gladiator conveys a feeling of overwhelming strength so it makes sense that these industrial steel cabinets are justly named Gladiator Storage Cabinets. And that an equally strong industrial pendant would find comfort in this space. But where did the term Gladiator originate. It actually dates back to BC. I won’t specific which century because you get that it was a long time ago. A gladiator was an armed combatant who entertained audiences of the Roman Empire in violent confrontations with other gladiators, wild animals or condemned criminals. Some gladiators were volunteers but most were slaves trained under harsh conditions and that were socially marginalized. Unfortunately, a winner was not declared until death by one or the other. The winner was then celebrated and his value as an entertainer commemorated in the Roman World. Now I’m not advocating any type of combat between this pendant and anyone or thing. But I do know who I would bet to win.

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vintage industrial black pendant
Gladiator strong vintage industrial warehouse pendant





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