Vintage Industrial Bookshelf and Ladder

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Have you read a good book lately?

Well, now is your chance. Load this industrial bookshelf up with vintage books and sit down for a good read.

Vintage books with leather bindings in assorted colors go great with this big industrial bookshelf. Fully equipped with a heavy ladder to reach those that top shelf, you can pile the books on the steps too. Get your favorite chair and pillow and you are all set to relax and escape the trials and tribulations of every day life. Industrial style isn’t only about the furniture. These vintage books are great to read and they look good too. And why settle for a few books piled here and there, more is better. This bookshelf is made from reclaimed wood and industrial metal. Built to last, you can climb on the ladder and or the shelves too. So if you want to create your own library or fill that blank wall, get an industrial bookshelf and ladder.

Now what chapter was I on? The End!

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Vintage style industrial bookshelf

Loaded with books on the shelves

And on the ladder too

Vintage colored books

Heavy industrial metal

And a good pillow!

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