Vintage Industrial Bookshelves

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Ready to play some chess?

I was never one for chess but if I could play on these vintage industrial bookshelves, count me in. I’ve never seen chess pieces this big but I think they look great on industrial bookshelves.

A single bookcase can look good in a room but use two or even three bookcases in a row and you’ve got a room that looks great. These bookshelves have vintage industrial style made from heavy metal and reclaimed wood. Built with metal brackets and studs with heavy thick wood, this bookshelf has industrial strength right from the factory. It can easily hold these over sized chess pieces and a whole lot more. In fact, there isn’t much these bookcases can’t hold. So you don’t have to make a trip to the factory for industrial style. Industrial bookshelves are right here. Checkmate!

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Industrial bookshelves

With chess pieces

Industrial strength

Reclaimed wood

Cool hat box

Heavy metal

Chess anyone?

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