Vintage Industrial Brass Pendants

Don’t underestimate these vintage industrial brass pendants because of their small size. At 12 inches high and a diameter of only 9 inches, these pendants are small. But don’t let that fool you.  These brass pendants come with a big punch. Just look at them. Once used to light the passage ways of battleships, these marine pendants have taken a knock or two. Built with commercial grade steel they can take it. In fact, they can take whatever you’re ready to dish out. Even hanging out over the sink or the kitchen island.

Vintage Industrial Brass Pendants

Big things come in small packages. Good things come in small parcels. Bigger is not always better. These are popular idioms that all mean basically the same thing. Although something is small it can be really good or useful and should not be underestimated simply because of it’s size. To put it more bluntly. Don’t underestimate the little guy. How many times do we root for the little guy. The big guy stands at 6 foot 2 and weighs 210 pounds. So why does the little guy at 5 foot 6 inches and 165 pounds think he stands a chance. Because he has courage, conviction and believes in himself. Can I draw a comparison to our small vintage brass pendant yet? Anyway, the little guy is the under dog and we as humans want him to win. Maybe it’s because we often feel like the under dog. Either at work, at home or at the grocery store. We’ve all been there when the odds are against us. In this case, it’s all about size. But sometimes that’s not enough to win. Believe in yourself, what you stand for and shine bright just like this industrial brass pendant. 

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vintage industrial brass pendants
Big things come in small packages



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