Vintage Industrial Burlap Chandeliers

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Why not hang burlap from the ceiling?

If it looks this good I’m all for it.

Burlap is a woven fabric that is made from the skin of the jute plant. It’s a dense fabric that historically was produced as a very coarse material to make sacks that shipped goods like coffee beans and other produce. Burlap is also a very durable fabric so it’s able to withstand the rough handling associated with transporting these types of products. But in recent years, burlap has been manufactured in a more refined state for use in the making of bags, rugs and upholstered furniture. But more important, burlap is eco-friendly so it’s biodegradable and good for the environment, which makes me like these vintage burlap chandeliers even more.

Made with an industrial iron frame, these chandeliers are draped in a refined burlap cloth and come in three different sizes. Hang one vintage burlap chandelier over the dining table or hang all three sizes together over the kitchen island. Any way you decide to use these chandeliers, they will add real vintage style to your room.

So forget sitting on your burlap, hang it from the ceiling!

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Burlap is eco-friendly

Burlap is durable

Burlap is multi-functional

And it looks great!

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