Vintage Industrial Burlap Chandliers

The right chandelier can make the room.

A sofa, side chair, and coffee table are common staples to an everyday living room. A bookcase, floor lamp and artwork make a room functional and appealing. But add vintage industrial burlap chandeliers and this living room goes from ordinary to extraordinary. Yes, the right lighting can really make a room.

Constructed with industrial strength iron frames, these chandeliers are covered in natural burlap to provide soft lighting and vintage charm. Chandeliers were once made to hang only over the formal dining room table. But now, chandeliers have found their way into the kitchen over tables, counters, islands and even the coffee table in the living room. And better yet, just one chandelier won’t do. Instead, hang two or three chandeliers together to bring drama and style to your space. This doesn’t mean you should throw out the table and floor lamps. But if you want to make your space more than just a room to live in, hang a chandelier or two and make it a room to have fun in.

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Turn an ordinary room

Into extraordinary

With vintage industrial chandeliers

Made with an iron frame and natural burlap

I like this wood frame house too

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