Vintage Industrial Burlap Ottomans

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Decorative or just practical?

How about both. Who says ottomans should only be on the floor?

Stack your collection of burlap ottomans on the bookshelf and create a one of a kind display for your space. And when unexpected guests arrive just take them down for extra seating. These burlap ottomans are made from recycled vintage burlap. Once used to carry produce and grain, these vintage burlap ottomans are now ready to carry the weight of your feet.

Recycled and repurposed into ottomans, burlap is a natural fiber that is biodegradable and good for our environment. Burlap is also a strong fabric and can certainly handle the wear and tear of kicking back and relaxing. So think twice about throwing out your old burlap and go green with vintage industrial burlap ottomans. Time to put your feet up!

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Decorative or practical?

Cool ottomans

Made with canvas

And burlap

Go green

With recycled vintage burlap.

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