Vintage Industrial Cafeteria Dining Table

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We’re having a party.

And there’s plenty of room for everyone to sit at this vintage industrial cafeteria table.

No need to ask guests to pull up a chair when this dining table comes fully equipped with attached stools. Depending on the size of your party, choose from 8 and 12 seat cafeteria tables or for more intimate dining, select a 4 seat table. Whichever table you choose, it’s sure to be a fun party. The swivel stools on this dining table let family and friends turn from side to side for easy conversation and makes passing the next course a breeze.

Made with a reclaimed wood top and an industrial iron base, this vintage table is heavy. Seat as many guests as you like because this dining table can take it. In fact, they can sit on the table top too. So next time you want to throw a party, dine family style with a vintage industrial dining table.

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Let’s have a party

In vintage industrial style

There’s plenty of seats

With this cafeteria dining table

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