Vintage Industrial Cafeteria Dining Table

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Choo Choo Charlie was an engineer.

He liked Good and Plenty but I know he would like this railroad dining table too.

Right about the same time that this infamous advertising jingle was introduced in the 1950’s, railroad diners were enjoying their drinks and meals on this vintage industrial dining table. This wood and iron dining table was bolted to the floor of the train dining car so that riders could take a much needed break from the long journey that lay ahead. It was often referred to as a cafeteria table found in common areas used by the public. Cafeteria tables were often seen in large dining halls of commercial spaces such as army mess halls, manufacturing plants and even school systems. But this vintage dining table is a rare find as it’s round in shape and not many that were used on railroad cars still exist today. It’s made of heavy industrial strength iron weighing in at 500 pounds and the wood top and seats are constructed from thick oak. But the best part of this dining table are the seats because they swivel in and out.

So be a kid again with this vintage dining table and make sure you have some Good and Plenty.

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Vintage cafeteria table

Made with solid oak wood

And industrial iron

Choo Choo Charlie

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