Vintage Industrial Cafeteria Dining Table

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Is this table big enough?

We put two of our industrial cafeteria dining tables together to accommodate 20 guests for dinner. So we’re ready for Thanksgiving or any other special occasion. Bring it on and lose the kid’s table.

This dining table is a replica of a vintage cafeteria table from the early 1900’s. Back during the Industrial Revolution, factories introduced automation which included heavy equipment and machinery to simplify jobs and encourage mass production of goods. But the Industrial Revolution influenced the furniture that factory and mill workers used to produce their goods and also to relax in during their lunch and coffee breaks.

Case in point. The vintage cafeteria dining table was built just like the equipment in those industrial factories. Made with a heavy cast iron base that weighs 300 pounds, this table needs to be taken seriously. In fact, this table was made to be bolted to the floor so no moving this table from room to room. It comes fully equipped with it’s own wood seats that rely on industrial strength swivel mechanisms to not only support diners but to allow a comfortable swivel back and forth.

Now to bring this vintage table into the 21st century, we added a reclaimed wood top to make it green and good for the environment. No trees were destroyed in the making of this dining table. Once used by workers to enjoy lunch together in the cafeteria, this vintage table is ready to move into your home or commercial space to gather family and friends for casual dining. Can you pass the salt please?

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Looking for a big table?

Try our vintage cafeteria table

Built industrial strong

With cast iron and reclaimed wood

Seats included!

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