Vintage Industrial Cafeteria Table

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Let’s get together, family style.

In the early part of the last century, factory workers watched the clock for the all important lunch break. And when the clock hit noon, workers grabbed their lunch boxes and rushed to sit around the cafeteria table. The industrial revolution invented what we know today as the cafeteria table. Large wood planks on top of an industrial strength iron base with attached stools that swivel in and out created the cafeteria table.

In this century, the vintage industrial cafeteria table is on the comeback. Once again, diners prefer to eat family style and there’s no better way than with a vintage cafeteria table. Dinner is now served family style in large plates and bowls and sitting cafeteria style makes it easy to pass the platter to the next diner. Cafeteria tables also make it easy to talk among friends and family, sitting close and all within earshot. And if you don’t know the person sitting next to you, what better way than offer good food and a few drinks.

So next time you choose your favorite bistro, go family style with a vintage industrial cafeteria table.

Can you pass the salt please?

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Get together

And eat family style

With a vintage cafeteria table

Built industrial strong

Start swiveling!

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