Vintage Industrial Cage Lights

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It’s raining baskets.

Vintage dye baskets to be exact.

Years ago, fabric that was sourced to make clothing, upholstery and drapes was dyed different colors using vintage dye baskets. The cloth was inserted into the basket, the cage door locked and the basket was dipped into the appropriate color of dye.

Today, these vintage baskets have been replicated and repurposed into industrial lighting. Hang one of these cage lights over the kitchen sink or hang three cage lights in a row over the kitchen island. If you get real bold, hang twenty vintage cage lights over the dining room table. Add a few Edison bulbs to complete the vintage look and your space will become an industrial showcase. And these lights might enhance your dining experience too.

So next time you don’t like that color, dye it with some vintage industrial cage lights!

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Enhance your dining experience

With industrial lighting

Made from vintage dye baskets

With Edison filament bulbs

It’s raining baskets!

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