Vintage Industrial Cart and Wood Crates

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I have a crush on you.

An orange crush that is. Vintage orange crush bottles with the soda still in them.

The Orange Crush Company was founded in 1911. I had no idea the great flavor of Orange Crush has been around that long. But these bottles are from the 1950’s and never been opened. Vintage is cool but you don’t want to drink from these bottles.

I like these bottles but I also like this vintage industrial cart with wood crates. This industrial cart spent many years working hard transporting boxes and crates across the factory floor. Made with big industrial metal wheels, this vintage cart could easily maneuver around the factory floor. And no load was too heavy. That’s why this industrial cart can easily hold your big screen plasma TV or anything else you have around the house for real vintage style.

I also like these vintage wood crates especially with their original markings. Once used to hold produce and parts, these wood crates are a great storage solution to household items, toys and even DVDs. So next time you go shopping for vintage industrial furniture, grab an orange crush soda, in the aluminum can, and recycle!

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Vintage industrial cart

With wood crates

Heavy metal wheels

And vintage soda bottles

Orange Crush!

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