Vintage Industrial Cluster Lighting

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Honey Nut Cluster Cereal?

Well maybe just the cluster. Vintage industrial lighting no longer belongs only in our factories, warehouses and commercial industrial spaces. It’s time to welcome vintage industrial lighting into your home.

If you choose vintage industrial furniture for your home, complete the picture with some industrial lighting. Similar to industrial furniture, vintage industrial lighting is made from heavy metal, thick glass and industrial wire. Hung in the right place, industrial lighting can make the room.

Who would have thought to cluster a bunch of industrial lights into one hanging fixture. These lights are small but when they are clustered together they make a big statement. Hung over the dining room table, kitchen counter, desk or bar area, these industrial lights look vintage and they look cool. So when picking out lighting for your home, think factory, think warehouse, think vintage industrial lighting.

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Vintage industrial lighting

All in a cluster

With plenty of light

A cool metal finish

And all wired up!

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