Vintage Industrial Copper Pendants

Two vintage industrial copper pendants or High School Chemistry 101. It might be a little of both to understand the copper finish on these industrial pendants. Chemistry was not my best subject in high school but I find myself remembering a little about the periodic tables. I can hardly recite the entire table but I do recall that copper is a natural element and it had it’s own unique symbol which was Cu. That’s about as far as I can go on this subject. I’m surprised that I even remembered that much. So let’s move on to a subject that I do like and can remember. That would be these vintage industrial pendants hanging over this dining room table.

Vintage Industrial Copper Pendants

It’s not often that we come across industrial pendants in a copper finish. Particularly when they are this large. One main reason. Copper is expensive. If these pendants weren’t vintage they would be hard to find new. Copper is making a comeback in today’s kitchens and bathrooms. Most people are bored with the standard polished nickel finish and swapping the hardware out for a copper. I find copper to be a warm and inviting finish. Not to mention the shine and reflection is outstanding. If you get lucky to find large copper pendants like these, take two and hang them over your formal dining table. They will add character and visual interest to your space which normally might go unnoticed. So study your Chemistry as there will be a test after class.

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vintage industrial copper pendants
Copper is back



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