Vintage Industrial Crystal Chandelier

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The healing power of crystals.

An alternative form of medicine that uses stones and crystals on parts of the body as a source for healing. The practitioner places crystals on major arteries, veins and nerves of the body to form an energy grid that is supposed to provide healing power to the patient.

Not sure that I believe in the healing power of crystals but I do believe this vintage industrial chandelier has the power to make a boring room look great. Made from cut glass crystals surrounded by a rust finish iron sphere, this chandelier will definitely turn the power up in your room. Hang this crystal chandelier in the foyer to make a grand entrance or over the table in the formal dining room. Either way, this chandelier combines the power of vintage style with industrial design.

Now take those crystals off me!

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The power of crystals

And a vintage industrial chandelier

Make a great combination

And I like the vintage luggage too

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