Vintage Industrial Design

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Today’s blue plate special.

Is literally a blue plate. And not just one blue plate but fifty vintage blue plates.

Vintage industrial design let’s you do the unexpected. Dinner plates would normally go on the table but not in this dining room. Take down those mirrors and artwork and replace them with a collection of vintage plates. Fill the wall from floor to ceiling with your favorite vintage find and turn your space from ordinary to extraordinary.

Vintage industrial design breaks the barriers of  traditional interior design. It doesn’t have to look like a warehouse or factory. Industrial design is a mix of old and new with vintage artifacts that let you personalize your space to make it your own. Why settle for a room that looks like it came from a furniture catalog when you can live in a one of a kind space that reflects your unique personality. So go industrial and shop vintage.

Now I’ll have the roast turkey special please.

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Today’s blue plate special

Is your favorite vintage find

Whatever it may be

And show it off!

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