Vintage Industrial Desk

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Endangered Species.

That’s right, this vintage desk and leather bound books are just like the blue whale, the giant panda and the green sea turtle. If you are lucky enough to come across a vintage desk and old books like these, protect them with your life. Just like you would for the great blue whale 🙂

Certain species become endangered due to changes in their environment. It’s the same with vintage desks and old books. Who needs a good book when you have an iPad and the internet? And when was the last time you sat at a desk when your laptop works just as good on the bed or sofa. Unfortunately, new technology may soon make desks and books a thing of the past. But I am holding strong as there’s nothing better than loading up a desk with vintage books. Desks not only look good against any wall in your home but I think they make you look smarter too! So protect our endangered species and next time you go shopping, protect those vintage desks and books.

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Vintage desk

With vintage books

Great vintage leather

And cool cubby drawers

I feel smarter already!

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