Vintage Industrial Dining Table

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Dining table or desk.

Now you can have both in one table.

Made from a solid wood top with a natural finish on a cast iron base, this table can easily handle the task at hand. Whether it be a work station with the laptop for paying bills or serving up dinner for eight on a Saturday night, this table can function as both and bring vintage industrial style to your space.

Most dining tables are made for the dining room. Try them in any other room and it looks like you just moved the dining table. But vintage industrial design is all about mixing things up. The unique iron crank base on this table makes it work in any room of the home. This dining table looks different because it is different. You can crank this table up to bar height when the dinner turns into a party. So why settle for a traditional run of the mill dining table in the room where you host family and friends on all of those special occasions. Make a statement with an industrial table that will function in any room for years to come.

I’ll choose it as a dining table.

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Dining table

Or desk

This table can do both

Crank it up.

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