Vintage Industrial Drafting Table and Stool

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Remember the draft?

Not that one! I took drafting as my elective class in high school and if only I had a vintage industrial drafting table like this one. I would settle for even the vintage industrial stool. I could sit at this industrial drafting table and feel just like Frank Lloyd Wright. The base of this table is made from heavy industrial metal and I like the metal gadgets on the wood top. I would keep the industrial metal light hanging overhead too. It’s vintage, industrial and I like it all.

But don’t forget the industrial stool. This stool is vintage with a painted iron base and the back gives just enough support after those long hours of drawing. So if the draft can look this good, I say bring it back!

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Vintage industrial drafting table and stool

This drafting table is big

And heavy

Industrial metal light

And cool mechanics

Hard working industrial stool

That offers some comfort

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