Vintage Industrial End Table

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Metal scaffolding or end table?

Although this may look like metal scaffolding used in construction sites, it’s a vintage industrial end table. End table, side table, whatever you want to call it, this table is built industrial strong.

Scaffolding is made to hold the heavy weight of workers and materials and even though a table is made to hold only a lamp, a few drinks and a remote, this vintage style industrial table can hold a lot more. You probably won’t ever need to stand on this end table, but if you had to, this table can take it. Use this vintage end table by the bed, sofa or with a pair of leather chairs and it will add real industrial style to your space.

So be careful next time you walk by a construction site and think vintage industrial tables.

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Built with metal scaffolding

This end table is industrial strong

With reclaimed wood

And vintage style

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