Vintage Industrial Factory Cart

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Move over Jenny Craig!

This vintage industrial factory cart can hold a lot. This cart is filled with dishes, glasses, cups and anything else you can pile on it. And why not, wood carts were built to live and work in our industrial factories. Solid wood with distressed paint and iron wheels, there is no stopping this industrial factory cart. But now it’s time to retire this work horse and enjoy a vintage industrial factory cart in the comfort of your own home.

But don’t miss these vintage style plates as they are the newest alternative to Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem and other weight loss programs on the market today. Not only are these plates painted in an unappetizing green but their words of wisdom serve as a nagging reminder when we go for that second helping!

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Vintage industrial factory cart

With distressed paint

And vintage iron wheels

This factory cart is piled high with dishes

And glasses

Read the edge too!

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