Vintage Industrial Factory Pendant

A UFO may not be friendly but it shines a lot of light just like this vintage industrial factory pendant. These industrial pendants may look like UFO’s hanging at random lengths from the ceiling but they are definitely identifiable. There’s no mistaking that this is one cool pendant.

Vintage Industrial Factory Pendant

I’m not suggesting that you hang these pendants like UFO’s over your dining room table. That might look a little weird but they would create an interesting lighting effect. Inspired by vintage industrial pendants that once hung in factories and manufacturing plants, these large pendants can add industrial style to your home. Plenty of light was needed in those dark factories and these were just the lights that could do the job. These pendants are made from spun aluminum to create a unique dome shape that is topped off with solid brass that looks almost like a crown jewel. A milk glass shade protects the bulb and our eyes from harsh glare similar to how they were used to protect workers in the factory. Hang one pendant over the kitchen sink but these metal pendants look better hanging in a straight line over the bar in a commercial restaurant or the counter in a delicatessen. They look even better with two or three hanging over the kitchen island in the home. Either way you use these pendants they will bring vintage industrial design to your space. Now who believes in UFO’s.

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vintage industrial factory pendant
UFO’s or vintage industrial pendants



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