Vintage Industrial Floor Lamp

If I need to be saved I want it to be with this vintage industrial floor lamp. I’m on a large naval ship. It’s in the middle of the night. It’s very dark and I’m on deck. Somehow I slip and it’s man overboard. The ocean current is strong and I’m swiftly brought out to sea. If this ever happens please have a vintage search light like this one on board to save me. Within minutes this lamp would light up the sky and the sea below. Of course I’m wearing my life preserver vest and floating. But the beam of light hits me and I’m immediately blinded. I can’t see a thing but they can sure see me. I am quickly rescued.

Vintage Industrial Floor Lamp

Now chances of that happening are slim to none. For one thing, I rarely find myself on a large sailing vessel. And I’m not going on a cruise ship anytime soon. But it’s good to know that you can still find vintage industrial lights like this one. Because they look perfect sitting at home behind your living room sofa or behind a desk in the office. I wouldn’t recommend using this fixture for lighting your desk but it can add vintage industrial style to your space. However, I would recommend moving this light only once because it is big and heavy. So go overboard and get a big industrial search light.

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vintage industrial floor lamp
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