Vintage Industrial Floor Lamp

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Fresh baked bread and oranges.

This would not be a likely combination but put them in a big reclaimed wood hutch and it works.

I like the bread, the oranges and the reclaimed wood but what I really like is this rusted iron floor lamp. Lighting can really make a space and what better way to do it than with a floor lamp. Floor lamps come in handy when the table tops are full or there just isn’t room for a table beside the sofa, chair or even the bed. Made with rusted iron and a matching iron sphere, this floor lamp comes with six chandelier candlesticks on top. Chandeliers don’t have to be just for the dining room. With this floor lamp, now you can have a chandelier in any room of the house. Go vintage with industrial lighting. Now let’s break bread!

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Reclaimed wood hutch

With an industrial floor lamp

And plenty of space

For bread

And oranges!

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