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White Pawn to F4 countered by black pawn to E6.

In the game of chess, checkmate can be achieved in just two moves. This probably happens more to the novice chess player but for the experienced chess aficionado, chess can be a long and arduous game. For those that need a break from chess but still want to appreciate the game, check out these over sized vintage chess pieces. Forget placing these chess pieces on a table because vintage industrial design let’s you hang them on the wall. Match up check pieces with flags from around the world and create a one of a kind wall display. It’s nice to have vintage industrial tables, chairs and lights but to complete the overall design you need vintage artifacts. Accent your vintage industrial space with unique items like these chess pieces on the wall and guests will want to stay as long as it takes to complete a game of chess.

Queen to H4 and checkmate.

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Tired of playing chess?

Hang your chess pieces on the wall



And Bishop

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