Vintage Industrial Furniture

Marie Antoinette was not the most popular Queen of France. Back in 1793, both she and her husband Louis XVI were executed by guillotine. So what did become of Marie Antoinette’s head. It ended up on these matching vintage stone statues.

What would normally be a pair of vintage stone sculptures with lion heads flanking a front door is now a pair of Marie Antoinette heads. Expect the unexpected when it comes to vintage industrial furniture. Inside or outdoors, vintage industrial design let’s you explore your inner creativity. Although at times it can be a little on the dark side, vintage industrial furniture allows you to personalize a space and make it all your own. So if you are a fan of Marie Antoinette these vintage statues would probably find their way to your front door. But if they’re not, display your favorite vintage finds on your furniture and enjoy them every day. Show them off on your vintage industrial bookcase, wood dining table or vintage table by the bed. Even the front door.

Marie Antoinette. Not a happy ending.

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Back in 1793

Marie Antoinette

Lost her head

To this vintage stone statue

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