Vintage Industrial Furniture

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Pack up the car.

We’re driving into the living room!

Two comfortable upholstered chairs, an end table and a car. Why not?

I think this toy car looks right at home with vintage industrial style furniture. The size of a Fiat, this vintage car is fully equipped with headlights, wire spoke wheels, steering wheel and rear tail lights. If you have a favorite vintage find, display it in your home, even if it is the size of a car. Go industrial and a vintage car like this will look cool in any space. The great thing about vintage industrial furniture is that you can mix things up. Wood, metal, old and new, it all looks good when you go vintage industrial. It even lets you put a car in your house.

So remember to shop vintage industrial furniture and break a few rules. And check out the high octane water flowing from these vintage gasoline cans!

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Vintage toy car

That’s the size of a Fiat

Working headlights

Tail lights

Wire spoke wheels

And high octane water!

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