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What did we do before cell phones?

If you were out and about and not at home with access to a land line, you had to use a public phone. And if you were lucky, the phone was located in a private phone booth.

That’s right, there were no androids or smartphones, just public phone booths that were located on random street corners that required payment for use of service. And payment was made with coins, a form of currency in the shape of round metal objects that are nearly extinct due to the popular debit card.

So for the twenty something crowd, check out this vintage phone booth. Originally from England, this phone booth proudly displays the British crown and infamous red paint. Once located on a busy street corner in London, this phone booth can accent your vintage industrial furniture design. Use this phone booth in a corner of the living room or den and see how many guests you find stepping inside. They won’t be able to resist.

Now excuse me, there are people waiting to use this phone booth!

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Cell phone?



Sorry, none of the above

Keep calm and carry on.

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